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Nonprofits: Overall

   Comprehensive information and links to civic activism in Japan. Created by Japan Computer Access (JCA) and other progressive organizations, JCA-Net works for "peace, social and environmental justice and human dignity." JCA-Net is a partner network of the Association of Progressive Communications, a world-wide collaboration of progressive computer networks. From the JCA-Net homepage, you can go to many other Japanese grassroots homepages.

Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE)
A long time international exchange organization, JCIE provides policy analysis and other reports on Japan and Asia-Pacific. The site includes interesting projects such as Global ThinkNet and CiviNet. The latter is right on the subject of the nonprofit sector which is emerging in Japan and the neighboring region.

   Comprehensive information and links to Japanese civic activities. VCOM is a research project of Keio University SFC Research Consortium.

Volunteer and NGO/NPO Page
   Comprehensive list of NGO/NPO Webpages in Japan, created by Yasushi Kaneda.

Nonprofits: Specific

A-Bomb WWW Museum
   Researchers and computer professionals in Hiroshima created this site to document what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1998.

Asian Women's Resource Exchange (AWORC)
   An information and network service for women in Asia. It explores applications of new information and communication technologies for women's empowerment.

Alliance for Preserving the Truth of Sino-Japanese War
   This California based organization provides important information on atrocities committed by Japan during the Sino-Japanese War (1931-1945).

AMDA-International (Association of Medical Doctors of Asia, International)
  The Okayama-based medical NGO, with members in 20 countries, are active  "in providing humanitarian support all over the world."

Citizens' Nuclear Information Center (CNIC)
   Extensive informative on Japan's nuclear issues. Research- as well as activism- oriented, CNIC provides "reliable information and public education on nuclear power" and is "dedicated to securing a safe, nuclear free world."

Forum on Environmental Administration Reform (FEAR)
   FEAR aims at making the government more accountable to the public, especially in the environmental policy making.

Issho Kikaku
   "Issho Kikaku  is a non-profit organization formed by Tokyo-based foreign nationals which uses performing arts projects, symposia and computer networking to facilitate the internationalization process in Japan."

Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC)
   Information on international volunteering.  The JVC, operating in seven countries, aims at "supporting local resident's efforts to live in harmony with their surrounding natural environment."

Japan Pacific Resource Network (JPRN)
   Information on corporate responsibilities and the nonprofit sector development. The California-based JPRN is active on banking and other corporate issues involving Japanese corporations.

Japan-U.S. Community Education and Exchange (JUCEE)
   Information about internships and grassroots exchanges. JUCEE is a California-based group that organizes internship-at-nonprofits programs across the Pacific.

Japan Overall

Japan Echo
   "The bimonthly journal Japan Echo features translations of essays, interviews, and discussions by noted commentators on topics of interest in Japan today."

Japan Information Access Project (JIAP)
   "Unquestionably, the best starting point" for information about Japan, according to The Economist (September 6, 1997).

Japan-US Public Policy Virtual Conference
  Japan related policy discussion site, created by Dentsu Institute on Human Studies.  Opinion leaders around the world put out high quality discussions.

 Tokyo Kaleido Scoop
   A site for counter reports from Japan, created by Tokyo-based Webcaster. Articles written before July 1998 are available.

Nonprofits:  Mostly Japanese Language Sites

CAN (Community Area Network) Forum
Earthday Japan
EcoVolunteerNet Mie
Environmental Research Institute
Hello Net Volunteer
Housing and Community Development NPO Network
Japan Grassroots BBS Information
Japan Junior Chamber
Japanese NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)
Kanagawa Kenmin Support Center
Link Link Link l
Shiminkatsudo Information Center (SIC)
Shizuoka Volunteer Council Civic Activities Support Center
Shimin Katsudo wo Sasaeru Seido wo Tsukuru Kai (C's)
Nippon Volunteer Network Active in Disaster (NVNAD)
NPO Joho Net/NPO Promotion Forum
NPO Mirros and Windows
NPO Training and Information Center
NPO Policy Association
Osaka Voluntary Action Center
Osaka NPO Center
Partnership Support Center
Saitama Non-Profits Network
Save the Coast
SeniorNet Sendai
Shimin Forum 21 NPO Centre
Smart Valley Japan
Tokyo Voluntary Action Center
Tama Valley Planning Project
Weekly Kinyobi