Nonprofit Japan
is to inform people about the Japanese nonprofit sector and grassroots activities. Why information on Japan's nonprofits?
(Most articles were writen in late 1990s and early 2000s.) 

Nonprofit Sector 
     Overview of Nonprofit Sector in Japan
     It All Started from Kobe
     Nonprofit Support Centers
    Seeking a Model for Nonprofit Infrastructure Building
    Giving and Tax Deduction in Japan
    Ohdake Foundation   Publications - Human      (Japanese)
Democratic Processes 
   Public Participation in Japan 
   Right to Know in Japan  - History and Current Situation
     Government Database Access
    Japanese Newspaper Databases
    Magazine Article Index Database
Business and Community
     Entrepreneurial Origin of the Nagoya Industrial Region
Computer and Telecommunications 
     Japan's Telecommunications Overview
     Kobe Group Provides Computer Access to the Disadvantaged
     Computer Support Volunteering in Japan

Some nonprofits in Asia are very old. This relatively new one, Koshoji Temple in Nagoya, Japan was established in 1808.

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